Thursday, 25 April 2013

Welcome to my world.

Hi! Welcome to my brand new ESOL blog.
I have been blogging as a hobby for about 4 years (check out my personal blog dedicated to my crafting and family life here) and I have been thinking for a while about creating one about my work.

So here goes nothing. I'm planning to keep this running for the remainder of the current academic year and then see how I feel. Whether I continue will depend on the response I get and whether it feels too much like extra work! So please comment, positively or negatively. I love reading your comments

Pictures may be thin on the ground - it's not really done to whip your camera phone out mid-lesson - but this is one of our students collecting their certificates fromt he Mayor of Woking last September

This is not a 'teaching blog'. It is a blog about teaching. I am no guru. I am not going to tell you how to teach. I'm just someone who has been doing this teaching thing for 20 years and still enjoys it. I consider myself lucky to have a job where I meet so many interesting people and do something different every day. Rarely does a week go by without me learning something new, so that is what I plan to share. If you pick up some ideas for your own classes along the way, that's fab. Please let me know how they went.

I'm assuming most of you are also teachers, but that may not be the case. Please leave a comment to introduce yourselves, and I'll see you soon with my first 'ESOL Experiences'.

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